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Quizlet doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does offer an elegantly simple way to digitize the process of studying with flashcards. The simplistic structure means that it can be adapted to fit just about any learning curriculum, but that simplicity also means that it can be lacking in depth. But if you're just looking for a tool that you can use to run memory drills, it's one of the most effective choices out there.

Functionally, creating and testing your own flashcards is pretty primitive. Each card has two sides, allowing for an answer and a question. If you're studying in a field with concrete questions and constant answers, Quizlet can provide a very satisfying way to drill on issues. That said, the process of creating your own flashcards can be very tedious.

Fortunately, Quizlet recognizes the advantage of crowdsourcing knowledge from around the world. Any Quizlet users can share their quizzes with the world, and the people who download each quiz can then leave their own criticism or commentary. It's a system that seriously expands the potential for Quizlet to serve as a study aid, but it needs to be backed by a robust community. That community is already in place, and you'll find a huge amount of options online for just about any subject. In many cases, you can expect to find flashcards specifically designed for a given field's most popular textbooks.

There's no need to go hunting for materials either. Quizlet maintains an enormous database of different flashcards sets that it filters into a variety of different categories. Whether you need study materials for a particular class or you're just dipping your toes into the possibilities of a new subject, the curated approach finds the right balance between quality and quantity. There's certainly no lack of categories and subcategories to choose from.

And while Quizlet may be fundamentally pretty spartan, it's seen some smart iterative changes since it was first created. Images can be used in place of text, but you can also create diagrams you can interact with. For the sake of convenience and accessibility, there's also text to speech audio built right in. And as Quizlet has grown, so has the intelligence of its algorithm. The Quizlet assistant organizes and displays flashcards from a set in a pattern that's engineered to maximize your learning and prevent endless frustration.

Users can organize their flashcards in a huge variety of different ways as well. A free account allows you to sort flashcards into classes, folders, and study sets, really increasing the viability of Quizlet as a study aid tool for every aspect of your life. And in addition to traditional flashcard studying, Quizlet also includes five other different activities that can offer some variety and flex different parts of the brain.


  • Highly functional flashcard design scheme
  • Huge and tightly curated database of flashcard sets
  • Five different study modes to work through


  • Flashcard creation can be time-consuming
  • Some features locked behind subscription wall
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